Choose the price plan that suits you. You can upgrade whenever needed. Prices excl VAT.
If you wish to purchase larger volymes, please contact us directly at and we will tell you more about our discounts.


Trial version for you who want to try the full version of LoopMe for 30 days
(together with some colleagues / students).


• Free number of groups
• Free content packages
• Free apps
• Free web support
• Chat function on sent loops
• Information / Surveys
• Loops are saved for 3 months

Get started for free


Simpler version for staff in school
(without using LoopMe togheter with the students). Often used for scientific school.

€4 per month

Everything from Free, and:

• Several leaders in each group
• Web analytics
• Excel extract
• Loops are saved for up to 36 months

Buy basic version


Full version for preschools, schools, universitys and companies.
(Students can use LoopMe for free).

€8 per month

Everything from Basic, and:

• Free number of loopers (students)
• Free online courses for teachers
• Loops are saved for up to 48 months

Buy standard version


Special version with a number of more advanced features required in some specific applications.
(Supervisors can use LoopMe for free).

€12 per month

Everything from Standard, and:

• Free number of followers (supervisors)
• Functions for followers (supervisors)
• Attendance management
• Digital consent

Buy plus version